For sackbuts and trumpets
Trombonemondstuk Trompetmondstuk
  • Mouthpieces, based on original examples, can be made at desired measurements.
  • Together with each instrument, a mouthpiece is made based on authentic examples.
  • That means: flat rim and sharp edges between cup and throat.
For horns and ophicleides
There are two different procedures used to build these mouthpieces (of a horn):
  • One: the mouthpiece is turned out of solid brass.
  • Two: the mouthpiece is constructed of layers of sheet-brass.
  • On request it is possible to use different materials, like artificial ivory, wood of the
    palm-tree, etcetera.
  • If desired mouthpieces can be gold- or silverplated.
  • If wanted, it is possibe to order two or three mouthpieces to test them for a month. Therefore the real choise can be made.
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