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  AVRO An issue of the AVRO, a dutch broadcasting organisation, about ‘musical instrumentmakers’.
The Historic Brass Society is an international music organization concerned with the entire range of early brass music, from Ancient Antiquity and the Biblical period through to the 20th century.
  Nick Woud was born 9th of April 1955. After the Gymnasium he studied Percussion and Timpani at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music with Jan Labordus and Jan Pustjens, both of the Royal Concertgebouw.
The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is dedicated to the whole of the German people and its function is to widen and deepen knowledge of German history. For this purpose it has a duty to research, collect, preserve and make accessible to the public historical evidence relating to the culture, art and literature of the German-speaking world." (excerpt from the museum's statutes)
Muziekinstrumenten Museumin Belgium
Maarten van der Valk Timpanist, percussionist and drummer.

Gemeente museum From mediaval recorder to synthesizer: at the music-department one can see instruments, sometimes very old, showing their own history. A paradise for the lover!