The material used in the manifacture of the instruments is a copper alloy which strongly resembles the alloy used in the 17th century. The production methods of that time has been thoroughly researched, and are applied by me now. This implies that all material (unless specified otherwise) is hammered by hand to the appropriate thickness.
To obtain the bell-form, the required thickness of the walls and the elasticity, I only use hammer and anvil.

I can say that at this moment I am the only maker (as far as I now!), who do no concessions on authenticity: no chromium slides, no stockings, no tuning slides etc.
In this way it is possible to achieve the thickness of 0.2 mm which has to be copied; a result that can hardly, if at all, be achieved mechanically.
In this way an "authentic" sound, rich in harmonics, is realised.